Youth Dialogue With Public Youth Employment Agencies

FOSDA in collaboration with the National Youth of Authority of Ghana has organised a youth youth dialoguedialogue session with public youth development and employment agencies. the agencies include the Youth Employment Agency(YEA), the National Entrepreneurship and Development Plan (NEIP) and the Youth in Agriculture Directorate.

The dialogue, which was held on Wednesday 16 August, 2017,  was on the theme ‘Promoting Transparency, Accessibility and inclusiveness in Government Youth Development initiatives through information sharing’.  Youth representatives from from six regions and various youth groups and youth development Civil society organisations  participated in the meeting.

the Programmes Manager of FOSDA, Mrs Theodora Williams Anti indicated that the meeting achieved its purpose of  providing a platform for the agencies to share information on their operations, programmes and modules as well as their beneficiary selection procedures and requirements with the youth of Ghana.

it also gave the young people the opportunity to share their experiences on the ground with the agencies and provide feedback for improved services.

This activity is part of FOSDA’s Ghana Youth Development Enhancement Project (GYDEP) supported by Oxfam in Ghana.


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