Ghana Post 2016 Elections: FOSDA Calls for Calm

The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa(FOSDA)

peace-poster-01 commends the people of Ghana for the peaceful conduct ofthe 2016 elections. Ghanaians have demonstrated a strong sense of maturity so far with no major incidence of violence recorded.

Following the peaceful elections, FOSDA calls upon all Ghanaians to remain peaceful, avoid violence and calmly wait for the Electoral Commission to work within the statutory period allowed for certification and announcement of results. Any attempt by any political party to pressurize the Electoral Commission to announce the results, may result in violence.

We therefore encourage the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)  and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to urge their supporters to conduct themselves peacefully and remain calm as we await the Electoral Commission to announce the results.

We of FOSDA encourage all, particularly the NDC and the NPP to seek peaceful resolution of all disputes arising out of this electoral process.

Long live Ghana’s democracy.

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