• Arms for Development: Livelihoods Project

    gbungbalga womens group leader

    Since 2003 FOSDA has worked in Northern Ghana on promoting human security, especially arms control, conflict prevention and sustainable livelihoods. In view of the endemic inter-clan and inter-ethnic conflicts that have stifled the development of the northern regions of Ghana, FOSDA initiated a pilot project on Arms for Development in the Yendi District. The challenge was how to introduce the concept of Arms for Development without threatening the cultural identity of the people it was intended to help.adibo womens group

    Through an inclusive decision making process, the beneficiaries of the project areas discussed and came out with a sustainable business plan for a micro finance project which FOSDA supported with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

    FOSDA helped established women’s groups in villages in the Yendi area to set-up small income generating projects like introducing a grain mill to improve productivity and provide the women with better control over their own income.