FOSDA Strengthening the Voices of Youth Across Ghana

FOSDA with support from Oxfam in Ghana is supporting youth groups in five regions of Ghana to establish Regional IMG_1363Youth Networks. The objective is to increase and strengthen the voices of the youth in governance and decision making process at the district and regional levels.  Active and informed youth participation will contribute immensely to improving the lot of the youth and contribute to regional and national development in general.

According the President of the Nkonya Youth Association, leading the effort in the Volta Region under the auspices of the National Youth Authority, this support is coming at the right time. ‘This is the time for young men and women to take the front seat of democracy and contribute our energies and creativity to the development of our communities. We have taken the back seat for too long and that is why we the youth are suffering.’

The networking processes will also form the foundation for the establishment of Regional Youth Federations as stipulated in the National Youth Authority Act 2016 (ACT (939). Youth leaders at the meeting are also being educated on this New Act.


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