FOSDA Condemns Killing of Women and Children in Bimbilla Conflict

fosda logo_higher dpiFOSDA is scandalised by the number of women and children who have lost their lives in the recent Bimbilla violence in the Northern Region of Ghana.  Out of the total 11 people reported dead during the feud, 7 of them were women and 3 children according to official information on the death toll. This is a demonstration of the violence women suffer on a day to day basis in our various communities. It is also typical of most conflict and post-conflict situations, where women and children suffer most from various forms of abuses.

According to sources on the ground, gun men indiscriminately shot at vulnerable wives and children of men who had fled their home for fears of being attacked. The foundation indicated that ‘This is precisely what the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, to which Ghana is a signatory, was passed to addressed’. One of the key pillars of the resolution is the protection of women and girls from gender based violence during and post- armed conflict situations. Indeed, protection of the Human rights of Women and Girls in situations of conflict was the first pillar in Ghana’s National Action Plan which was developed to localise the implementation of the UNSRC 1325.

‘It is very unfortunate and unacceptable that more than 15 years after the passage of this resolution and more than 20 years of democracy in this country we should witness such a butchery of innocent women and children in Bimbilla.  Women are also human beings with equal rights as their counterpart men, and must be treated and regarded as such. Our society must take a second look at how we treat women’.

FOSDA is urging the security agencies and other stakeholder to protect the lives and rights of all, especially vulnerable women and children. We also urge that the conflict management and resolution processes should take on the perspective of women to ensure the full protection of women and children. We are confident that the participation of women in these post- conflict processes will go a long way to find amicable solutions for all sides of the conflict. A review of the UNSCR 1325 in 2016 indicated that women participation in peace agreements increases the probability of the agreement to last for more than 15 years by 30%.

The Foundation congratulates the police for the arrests made so far with regard to the killings, ‘we are confident that they will go a step further to prosecute them to serve as a deterrent to others.

May the souls of all the women, and children who died in the 2017 Bimbila clash rest peace, as we look for everlasting solution toth is this and similar conflicts and Ghana.

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