FOSDA calls on ECOWAS and AU to Intervene in Togo Political Situation

FOSDA has issued a statement calling on ECOWAS and the African Union to intervene in the fosda logo.Togo Political situation to prevent a crises.

According to the statement,  the situation is gradually escalating. ‘The loss of two lives on 19th August is enough for the regional bodies to move in and initiate a dialogue between the Government of Togo and the opposition.

FOSDA is urging  ECOWAS and the AU not to wait for another Burkina Faso to happen. ‘It has become obvious that the periodic demonstrations and agitation of the opposition is growing and gaining grounds. It will be unfair and unfortunate to lose another life on this same ground when the indicators are glaring’.  Says Ms Afi Yakubu, the Executive Director of FOSDA.

According to the Foundation, both ECOWAS and the AU under the various  conflict prevention frameworks,  have the mandate to intervene and ensure that peace and stability is restored in the West African State.

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